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Eco Team


Eco Schools is an organisation that is passionate about engaging young people in environmental education and action. Bretforton Village School have been involved with Eco Schools for many years and have worked through their awards scheme from Bronze though to achieving the highest recognition of Green Flag status 6 times. This is something that pupils, teachers and governors are all very proud of and shows how embedded environmental education is within our school. 

We have achieved this by having a dedicated Eco Committee, made up of passionate pupils from Year One -Year Five, who have a real drive to improve what we do to support environmental issues both in school and in the wider community. We follow the Eco Schools framework which provides topics to work on, empowering and motivating pupils to drive change and improve awareness. The committee are supported by Miss Ellis who provides them with the skills and confidence to put their ideas into action.

The Eco Committee are responsible for monitoring and evaluating our practice within school and highlighting actions to work on. They set class challenges each term focusing on these issues. Examples of past challenges have involved designing and developing an area to support wildlife in our school grounds. Understanding how we can reduce, reuse and recycle by visiting Envirosort to learn from the experts. Monitoring our energy use to see if we are being as energy efficient as we could be. The Eco Committee also run whole school Eco days. Our most recent was a Wear It Wild Charity Day where we raised £215 for World Wide Fund for Nature.      

In January 2020 our environmental education to support the primary curriculum was recognised as an Area of Excellence by Challenge Partners in our school’s annual assurance review. 

In 2021 we gained our 6th Green Flag which was a huge achievement. 

We are currently close to being awarded our Gold Green Tree Award in connection with the Woodland Trust. 

We are encouraging our pupils to understand that small actions can make a big difference.