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We follow the National Curriculum. We teach phonics and reading using Synthetic Phonics – using the Read Write Inc Scheme. Science, Design Technology, History and Geography are taught using a skills-based thematic approach with an 'Enterprise' outcome. Subjects are linked to a key theme if there is a logical connection but may be taught separately. In this way we enable children to connect and make links between the areas of learning and encourage them to transfer skills and use them across the full range of the curriculum. At all times we ensure that teaching and learning are planned carefully and take into account the individual needs of the children.

Our Curriculum includes:

- English
- Maths
- Computing
- Design Technology
- Art
- History
- Geography
- Music (including instrumental tuition)
- Modern Foreign Languages (French)
- Physical Education (including swimming)

We also have a programme of ‘Life Skills' covering Personal, Social and Moral Education which we have devised based on Every Child Matters, the teaching of British Values and the adopted school values in collaboration with our MAT sposnsor. This is taught from Reception to Year 5. We provide wide and varied learning experiences for every child.


Sex and Relationships Education (SRE)

SRE is taught as outlined in our Sex and Relationships Education Policy. Other providers may be involved and parents are informed before specific sex education is taught. Naturally we want our teaching to be supportive and complimentary to parents, so please come in and talk to us if you have any queries.

Religious Education

Although our school is non-denominational, it has a strong Christian tradition. Every opportunity is taken to help each child to understand that caring and showing respect for others is an important part of living together in harmony in our diverse society. Throughout their time at Bretforton, children learn about various festivals from a variety of religions and cultures including Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam, and Chinese culture. We follow the Local Authority guidelines for the teaching of Religious Education and a variety of approaches are used. In addition, children may participate in a Multi-Cultural Themed Week. Parents have the right to withdraw their child from all or parts of the Religious Education or Collective Worship programme. Parents need to discuss this with the headteacher before withdrawing their child.

Yearly overviews for each class

Click on the links below to find an overview of the learning in each of our classes. 

Hedgehog class - Reception and Year 1

Otter class - Year 2 and 3

Badger class - Year 4 and 5