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Parent Forum Meetings

Thursday 4th October 2018

Our next Parent Forum meeting will be held on Thursday 4th October from 9.15am after Celebration Assembly. All parents are welcome to come along. The focus of this meeting will be communication between school and parents. 


Monday 11th June

Thank you to all those parents who attended our two parent forum meetings on Monday 11th June.  It was good to see so many people attend and to be willing to engage with us to discuss the future development of Bretforton Village School. At the end of the meeting, we said that we would provide some feedback from the sessions and how we would be moving forward from here. 

To summarise, the main concerns that were raised and discussed at the two meetings were: 

  • The impact on learning time caused by the loss of 15 minutes teaching time each day on children’s learning
  • The impact the changes would have on working parents in terms of pick-up time and child-care 
  • The conflict of timings with pre-school on a Wednesday afternoon

In terms of these points, we are currently looking at the possibility of starting school at an earlier time, to compensate for the time lost at the end of the day. We are also actively exploring options that will enable us to increase the amount of out of school time provision that we can provide for parents. This includes, but is not limited to, after-school clubs, parent-supported clubs and activities, sports and enrichment provision and the possibility of a breakfast club. We will keep you informed about these options as we investigate them. As a school, we are in contact with the pre-school to look at ways to make the timings of the two providers work for parents affected. However, as we have a limited number of parents who are affected by the conflict of pick-up times, we are able to offer free-child care on a Wednesday afternoon from 3.00pm until parents are able to get from pre-school to our school as part of our existing after-school club. This means that parents will not need to rush from one setting to another, as their child at Bretforton Village School will be in supervised care here. I hope you agree that this is an effective solution to that concern. 


In addition to the points surrounding the changes to the timings of the school day, parents also raised questions about the use of Class Dojo and lunchtime arrangements. 

Our use of Class Dojo as a reward system is under review and I am hoping to re-launch it in September in a more effective manner, ideally tying it into a House Points system, rather than having two separate systems running. 

Parents commented about their children being rushed to finish their lunch in the dining hall. I feel I need to clarify the lunchtime arrangements so that you can understand the situation more clearly. Once all the children are in the dining hall, our midday supervisors are with all the children until we have a large enough number of children who have finished their lunch and are ready to go outside. This is usually around 12.30pm. After this point, there are usually around 15 children who are still eating. By the time we get to 12.45pm, there are less than 5 children still eating. In order to ensure adequate supervision levels and keep your children safe on the playground, we do encourage the remaining children to finish their lunch quickly. Additionally, the longer they take, the less time they have to play; we know from your previous comments to us that this is very important to you. I hope this helps you to understand the situation but if you have any further concerns, please come in to speak to me about them.

Once again, may I thank parents for engaging with us in such a positive way. It is our intention to run Parent Forum meetings again next academic year, at least once each term. We hope you agree that this is a positive step toward building a stronger relationship between school and parents and will enable you to have your views as a parent body recognised.